Peruvian Shamanism
Sunday 21st May, 2017

Time: 9am - 5pm
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The Munay-Ki Rites are the Shamanic Initiation Rites of Peru's Andean Healers. These indigenous people of the Andes Mountains in Peru gifted these energetic rites to the public in 2006, because their prophecies see this time as a critical juncture in human history where humankind has the opportunity to radically transform ourselves to live in peace and harmony, and that these Rites need to be transmitted to as many people as possible. Traditionally, one must spend many years in sacred study before and between receiving these Initiatory Rites.

The workshop leader, Barbara Hallnan, journeyed to the Sacred Valley of Peru in 2014, where she received these teachings. Barbara has shared the Rites in many workshops, and has been deeply immersed in Peruvian ancestral people’s teachings. If you are interested in personal growth, expanding your intuition, and opening your heart to receive guidance, this workshop is for you. In this workshop, you will receive the 3 Munay Ki Lineage Rites: 

The Daykeeper Rite connects you to a lineage of master healers. Daykeepers can call upon ancient altar sites to heal and bring balance to the Earth, and to bring us into balance with Mother Earth. Traditionally, the daykeepers are the midwives, herbalists, and curanderas. With this Rite, you begin to heal the inner feminine energies.

The Wisdomkeeper Rite is associated with the snow-capped mountains and the energies they embody. The Rite helps to heal the inner masculine energies, connected to inner wisdom, and become steeped in medicine teachings.

The Earthkeeper Rite connects you to archangels who are the guardians of the galaxy, stewards of all life on Earth. You receive a direct connection to our stars and sun, and the rite enhances your ability to see beyond the veil, helping you to create the life you want. You become a steward for all life on Earth, and for Mother Earth herself.

In the workshop, we walk across the street into Knox Farm State Park, where we connect with Pachamama, Mother Earth in guided exercises out in nature, playing with Earth and Water elements, and we begin to learn how to work with seen and unseen natural energies through a mesa, or sacred altar ground. Bring a favorite stone or crystal, and one other small Earth item, such as a pine cone, flower, stick, stone, moss for the group mesa. Your crystal will absorb the energies, and you take it home with you after each class. 

Cost: $125  

To Register: Sign up at Crystal Bridge Healing, or call 716-912-2391.


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