Ayurvedic Equinox Retreat
Friday 22nd Sep, 2017 → Sunday 24th Sep, 2017

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Friday, Sep 22nd
Saturday, Sep 23rd
Sunday, Sep 24th

Ayurveda teaches us to be mindful as the seasons change. At this juncture, we are holding on to the expansive, intense, and heating qualities of summer like a tree in fall with bright red leaves. As a tree drops those leaves and prepares for winter, autumn is a time to release the heat and intensity of summer and to turn inward in rest and contemplation. 

Join us as we pause and explore what it means to live a life of balance in autumn. Using the ancient sister sciences of yoga and ayurveda we will, at once, be gently cleansed and deeply nourished. Leave feeling prepared to reintegrate your life with the natural rhythms of the earth and sun.

Included: Ayurvedic Meals, Lodging, Workshops, Yoga and Meditation, Thai Massage, Cooking Labs, and Free Time.

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