Let The Wookie Win: A Star Wars Quiz!
Thursday 4th May, 2017

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que
301 Franklin St Buffalo, NY 14202
Time: 8:00pm
Cost: $5
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Are you one with the force? Is the force one with you? Does your partner still hate you for insisting on answering "I know" every time they tell you that they love you? Then join us on May 4th, as Geeks Who Drink returns to a galaxy far, far away for our third iteration of Let the Wookiee Win: A Star Wars Quiz. 

Listen up, because we’re going to kill a TON of Bothans to bring you this quiz. Our questions will cover the five, good theatrical Star Wars films and (pretty much) only those movies. That means you can expect a healthy dose of Episodes IV through VII and Rogue One and just a smattering of Extended Universe references to seperate the contenders from the pretenders. Study like a thorough padawan; they may never say the names of those bounty hunters Vader sends after the Millenium Falcon, but we consider that fair game.

So dust off those laserdiscs, consult your Wookieepedia, and start recruiting. Geeks Who Drink rules limit teams to a six player max, so choose wisely. We charge a $5 admission fee for each player, and the more players, the bigger the pot. Prizes are usually in the hundreds of dollars -- the more players, the bigger the pot of credits, so invite your friends. You can register your team in advance (http://bit.ly/ThemeQuizReg)

Registration is REQUIRED! Save your spot at http://bit.ly/ThemeQuizReg

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