Buffalo Really Really Free Market
Sunday 28th May, 2017

235 Forest ave
235 Forest ave Buffalo, NY 14213
Time: 11:00am - 6:00pm
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Everything is FREE!
No Money, No Buying, No Selling, No Barter, No Exchanges!

Share what you can!
Take what you want or need!

Not a Dump and Go event -
Please be respectful. Plan to take away anything you brought that was not taken when you leave. Bring only good items, not junk.
Talk to the people at the front table before you leave. It may be possible for you to leave behind the things you brought. 
Bring a tarp, blanket or folding table to display your goods to give away
Bring water or something to drink while there

We encourage and hold space for people to come together and share in a moneyless experience. This is a capitalist free zone!

If you are called to share please consider bringing and displaying items in good workable condition such as but never limited to:
Bikes, books, plants, clothes, household items, appliances, electronics, tools, toys, games, building or art materials and other cool stuff!

Also consider teaching something you know(let us know ahead of time and we will post it) such as a language, yoga, martial arts or bicycle repair etc...

Instruments and random musical jam sessions welcome!

If you want to be super kind please hang out till the event ends and help us with cleanup of the space! That is always needed!
This is a non capitalist zone!
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