Yoga Class Mid-day Lunch Hour Vinyasa Flow
Wednesday 5th Apr, 2017 → Wednesday 28th Jun, 2017
Days: Wed

Time: 12:00pm
Cost: $19 drop in
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Quaint Yoga Studio offering physical mental and spirtual  support via Yoga with hands on assist and direction of body movment allowing a beatiful Vinyasa Flow of asanas that sequence to help increase blood flow, flexilbity mental accuity relaxation and mindfulness along with increase body awareness and pranayama which essentially allows for an overall  openness and balance of wellness.

Please register for classes you wish to attend. Or simple call office @ 716-626-6301


Drop in Mid-day Yoga Vinyasa Class 45 min  Wednesdays with Erin

Instructor Information Link below.

Bring Mat and water Bottle

Drop in price $19

Check details on OWM website for Class Pass discounts and

weather permitting class cancellations.

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