Feminist Cybersecurity Workshop
Saturday 29th Apr, 2017

Time: 2:00 - 5:00pm
Cost: $10
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Multi-media artist, media scholar and film designer Yvette Granata will introduce encryption practices of PGP and other methods for digital safety in this 3-hour workshop. Following methods from the DIY Feminist Cybersecurity Guide, participants will cover personal cybersecurity for mobile phones, social media, web browsers, TOR options, and everyday tactics for digital safety for various individual needs. The workshop will also include a look at how artists and activists have used encryption and their tactics for digital security as part of a trans-media practice, including the reproducible workshop of Dalit Diva and the documentary practices of Laura Poitras. Bring your own laptop. No encryption experience necessary.

Yvette Granata is a Phd Candidate at SUNY Buffalo in the Department of Media Study’s theory and practice program. She explores ultra-terrestrial superpositions and encounters between media art, technology and philosophy.

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