O'Malley's Irish Pub
Friday 17th Mar, 2017 → Sunday 19th Mar, 2017

Time: Friday, Saturday 7:00pm; Sunday 2:30pm
Cost: $50 (includes dinner, dessert, coffee and tea, tax and gratuity) Cash bar available
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Friday, Mar 17th
Saturday, Mar 18th
Sunday, Mar 19th

Set in the downtown section of New York’s lower eastside in the mid 1980s comes the O’Malley family. Struggling Widow O’Malley is the owner of a pub which has been in her family since before their immigration to America. Wanting to retire and give her son the business, Mrs. O’Malley has to overcome her old-world views and gain faith in her son in order to keep the business in the family. Will she be able to swallow her pride and change with the times or will her stubbornness put the family’s legacy in jeopardy? This show contains over 20 of your favorite Irish melodies, Broadway numbers,
pop songs, and a pub-style sing-along.

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