Mad House-The Hidden History of Insane Asylums 19th Century NY
Thursday 27th Apr, 2017

Time: 7:00 - 8:00pm
Cost: Free with Reservation
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Michael Keene will be at Iron Island to talk to us about his research into the asylums of New York State, especially the Richardson Complex! 

Please call to reserve your seat, 716 892 3084. Admission is free but we do need reservations! 

If you would like a tour of the museum, before the presentation, it will be $5 and that will be at 6 PM. Michael will start at 7 PM Refreshments will be available.

Book Description:
Discover the details of 19th-Century insane asylums in Michael Keene's latest historical venture, Mad House. With vivid detail and deep research, readers will travel through the lineage and architecture of the asylums in New York. While walking in the footsteps of history's mentally ill, readers will continue to be amazed at their treatment, their stories and the ever evolving world of mental health in the United States. Mad House specifically looks into the insane asylum wards of 19th century New York and the rich assortment of doctors and patients that inhabited them. Be prepared to be both educated and entertained as you follow along with Keene and the sad, but engaging inhabitants in the hidden history of New York insane asylums.

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