Paranormal Theater – A Special Event/Paranormal Investigation for the Holiday Season
Friday 9th Dec, 2016

Time: 9pm - 12:30am
Cost: 30$
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The holiday season is an old one for ghosts and ghost stories. Road Less Traveled Productions, Haunted History Ghost Walks, Inc., and The Kila Group have a unique commemoration for the season of 2016: Paranormal Theater, a spiritual journey/investigation of one of Buffalo's most powerful Neoclassical buildings, the former Buffalo Christian Center.  

Founded by author Mason Winfield, Haunted History Ghost Walks, Inc., are Western New York's original outfit of "supernatural tourism." The Kila Group are a private association with a long Asian lineage through which they deal with spiritual/paranormal issues from Tantric/Yogic perspectives. For December 9, The Kila Group will take us on an exploration of a haunted theater that is beyond the familiar "ghost hunt"/paranormal investigation.

Paranormal Theater is a paranormal investigation with a unique twist, one that includes deeply ancient perspectives of the spiritual and the ceremonial. Paranormal Theater is a new endeavor for Western New York. The schedule of the evening: 

9 pm: Alas, Poor Ghost! Theater Ghosts and the Tradition of the Haunted Stage, short talk with Mason Winfield 

9:30 pm: The Kila Group, discussion and introduction

10 pm: The Calling of the Virtuous Spirits

10:30 pm: Tour/Surveillance of the Site

11 pm: The Exploration/Interaction

11:30 pm: The Ceremony of the Ghost-Money

Midnight: Closing Ceremony and Healing


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