Emotional Baggage/Mind Your Baggage
Thursday 26th Sep, 2019 → Sunday 29th Sep, 2019

Compass Performing Arts Center
545 Elmwood Avenue BUFFALO, NY 14222
Time: Mon & Tues: 8:00pm | Wed: 4:00pm & 8:00pm | Thurs, Sept 29: 4:00pm
Cost: $15 General Admission | $10 for Students & Industry
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Thursday, Sep 26th
Friday, Sep 27th
Saturday, Sep 28th
Sunday, Sep 29th

Emotional Baggage/Mind Your Baggage

Paige Allison Healing Arts and the Compass Performing Arts Center are proud to present "Emotional Baggage" by Lindsay Price. Recently seen at the Buffalo Infringement Festival, "Emotional Baggage" is a 30-minute one-act play without words. Each character has their own baggage to deal with. We see how this baggage impacts their movements and lives.

This piece is presented with a 30-minute guided meditation to help each audience member explore the baggage they might be carrying and give them a method for releasing it. This presentation invites you to "Mind Your Baggage," allowing you to see and shed your emotional baggage with our performance and guided meditation.

About the Show:

We live in a world where it is normalized to carry the pain and burdens of our past with us in each moment. When we live with the weight of the world on our shoulders, life becomes a monotonous exercise in futility. However, when we are able to immerse ourselves in the present moment through music, art and self-expression, we can release ourselves from the weight we carry and life becomes a joyous journey. It is the hope of those involved with this production that one day all of humanity will live with the effervescence that comes from healing the wounds of the past and existing fully present in each moment. With luck, this project will encourage us all to remember that each person has their own baggage and to honestly evaluate our own. Ultimately, each person is responsible for their own baggage and their choice to hold on to it or release it. What do you choose?

Mind Your Baggage:

The decision to produce this show with a Guided Meditation experience to take the audience further into the topic was an easy one after the talk backs following the presentation of this piece at the Buffalo Infringement Festival. This meditation provides a platform for the audience to explore the topic within themselves, while allowing the experience to be personal and private. Beyond self exploration, the meditation includes a process for releasing the baggage within. Those who attend the production will be provided a copy of the meditation, so that they can utilize this tool whenever it is supportive to do so.

Showdates and Times:
September 26th 8 pm
September 27th 8 pm
September 28th 4 pm & 8 pm
September 29th 4 pm 

$15 General
$10 Students and Industry
Compass Performing Arts Center
545 Elmwood Avenue

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