Spooky Film Festival
Saturday 17th Oct, 2020 → Saturday 31st Oct, 2020

Time: 7 pm
Cost: $5 suggested donation
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Saturday, Oct 17th
Saturday, Oct 31st


September 4, 2020

Contact: Ellen Scherer

(315) 778-6038


Buffalo Theatre Company Adapts to the “New Normal” for Annual Fundraiser

Green Buffalo Productions Keeps Theatre Safe & Affordable this Fall

BUFFALO, N.Y.: --- Green Buffalo Productions (GBP) isn’t slowing down this year despite the hurdles of COVID-19. October 2020 will bring about GBP's third season, and co-founders Ellen Scherer and Madison Sedlor are dedicated to keeping the WNY theatre company alive. 

They are also dedicated to keeping actors and audience members safe, so they’ve paired with Melanie Hidy of Totallyjoker Productions to adapt their yearly fundraiser, the Spooky One-Act Play Festival, to a Spooky Film Festival. Through film, viewers can enjoy the anticipated event from the safety of their own homes.‚Äč 

The films were directed by Scherer and Sedlor, as well as returning directors Leyla Gentil and Zack Hatrick. The co-founders are relieved to have such a dedicated team for this project. “Leyla and Zack have consistently been there for Madison and me from the beginning of GBP,” says Scherer. “When COVID-19 threatened the majority of our 2020 season, we had to start troubleshooting, rescheduling, and reformatting productions. Guess who was there to help us through? Leyla and Zack! ”

This year’s show includes stories by Kelly Beuth (Love, Magic, and a Jellybean), Shawn Chiki (Trick or Treat), Sarah Henderson (Homeless Haunters Anonymous), and Gary Earl Ross (Rough Magick), thanks to Green Buffalo Productions’ ongoing #QuarantineQuarters writing challenge. “Our biggest focus at GBP is working with new writers, and creating a nurturing environment for them to grow,” says Sedlor. “It’s been a tough year for theatre, but we are doing our best to give readers, writers, and audience members something to look forward to each week, and who knows? Something you write in the QQs may go on to be produced with us or other theatre companies!”

The festival also includes returning writers Justin Pope (What’s in the Wall) and j. Snodgrass (Severance). Pope says of the fundraiser, “Seeing the pieces on stage, alongside the other riveting and colorfully spooky one-acts, gives me the drive to keep going as a writer, and the ambition to keep coming back as an audience member… I certainly can't wait to see the plethora of spooky goodies on-screen, over and over and over again!”

The Spooky Film Festival will stream live from GBP’s Youtube channel on October 17th and 31st at 7 pm. The suggested donation is $5, but every dollar helps to fund the theatre’s 2021 Season. Directors Leyla, Zack, Madison, and Ellen will be hosting the streams and raffling off various items, including some props used in the films. Raffles are $1 per ticket. 

Subscribe to the Green Buffalo Productions YouTube Channel to get the going live notification: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN-djy4BtmsJs8G5DZyj8jA

You can donate and purchase virtual raffle tickets through Venmo and/or Paypal. 

Venmo Profile: @greenbflo 

Paypal Profile: paypal.me/greenbflo

You can also become a Patreon member to support Green Buffalo Productions! As a GBP Patron, you will unlock extra content by WNY creators on the GBP team. You will also receive a BONUS film adaptation of Justin Pope’s “What’s in the Box?” along with each of the films in the Spooky Film Festival to watch at your leisure. Become a GBP Patron by going to patreon.com/greenbuffaloproductions. 

About Green Buffalo Productions - Green Buffalo Productions is a team of young professionals working in theatre, art, and creative writing. Each of their team members brings distinct talents to the company, ensuring they can oversee every step of the production process. Their mission is to bring attention to underrepresented voices in the Western New York Community by producing new works of theater and providing resources for unpublished writers. Their three main objectives are: to foster the creation and production of original works of theater; to provide opportunities for marginalized writers and performers by remaining accessible and encouraging; and to enrich the community through meaningful collaboration.

More information about Green Buffalo Productions events and services can be found on their website: greenbuffaloproductions.weebly.com. You can also follow GBP on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, or send them an email at greenbuffaloproductions@gmail.com.


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