Saturday 10th May, 2014

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Presented by M&T Bank
Part of Great Performers Series 2013-2014
Saturday, May 10, 2014
8:00 pm

$40 Lower Tier
$35 Upper Tier
$32 Seniors
$32 Buffalo State faculty/staff
$15 Student Rush

A five-time Grammy Award nominee, Ottmar Liebert has received 38 Gold and Platinum certifications for his albums in the United States and his debut album, Nouveau Flamenco, sold double-platinum to become one of the best-selling guitar albums ever. Along with his band, Luna Negra ("Black Moon"), Liebert has redefined Flamenco music and has quickly become one of the most talented, influential and creative guitarists and performers to surface in years. Together with his touring and recording ensemble, Luna Negra, he has defined a style that became known as "Nouveau Flamenco", which mixes elements of flamenco with jazz, to make seductively sensual music that captures the spirit of romance.
His latest album, Dune, contains the haunting southwest border-country flamenco music Ottmar and his band Luna Negra are famous for. This isn't old school Flamenco. Acoustic guitar mixes with electric, gypsy accordion, electric bass, funky drum-boxing and percussion.
''I wanted to play guitar melodies that sounded sung'', says Ottmar. ''For some reason I kept thinking about old jazz and pop crooners. So I sang almost every melody first and then figured out how to play it on guitar. Perhaps it's guitar anti-shredding!'' What better analogy than Dune to describe Ottmar's passion for melody... an ever-changing landscape. Dune delivers an alluring morphic beauty that is uniquely Liebert's ''nouveau'' style. 

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