Lantern Parade
Saturday 19th Aug, 2017

Time: 8:00pm
Cost: FREE
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The Lantern Parade began in 1906, and is now an annual occurrence in Buffalo once again thanks to the Scajaquada Canoe Club and the Buffalo Maritime Center. Each year, boat/water enthusiasts meet up at Hoyt Lake in Delaware Park to partake in an annual gathering that represents the glorious history of this city, as well as its wondrous future ahead.

The best location for launching is along the shore between the bridge over Scajaquada Creek and the Marcy Casino.

On Saturday, August 19, the sun sets at around  8:30pm. Shortly after 8:00pm, people will start launching their small crafts. This annual event is a recreation of an occasion that occurred in Buffalo more than 100 years ago. All of the boats will be lighted, some with Japanese lanterns suspended by poles, some using headlights and headlamps, others via standard maritime running lights and glow sticks.

Even if you do not have a boat and cannot be on the water, come to Hoyt Lake for what will surely be a memorable summer evening.

No matter how the crafts are lit, this is a chance to get out on the water, while celebrating a historic and newly rejuvenated Buffalo. Meet some new friends, enjoy some boating, wait for the new moon to rise, and participate in an inspirational Buffalo event.

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