Tuesday 31st Oct, 2017

Time: 9:00am - 12:00pm
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We all have our favorite plants, whether they be trees, perennial flowers, or annual vegetables. We would love to include seeds from your favorite plant - and the story behind it - in our Soil, Seeds and Secrets program. This is an ongoing initiative that carries from year to year.
Here's How
1. Pick your favorite seed-bearing plant.
2. Adopt-a-Seed by sending us a few tablespoons of your seeds each year. (Place seeds in a fully sealed envelope so seeds do not leak out of the sides of the envelope).
3. Tell us the story behind your plant. What is the plants Seed Story or beginning? We find even simple stories to be exciting.
4. Take at least one photo of your plant and/or those who help care for them and send that along with your story. Email your photos to: Place the words: Adopt-a-Seed in the subject line of your email.
5. Mail your seeds and story to:
UHAA Adopt-a-Seed
67 Highgate Ave.
Buffalo, New York 14214
Questions? email us at or telephone (716)833-6260. We accept seeds from anywhere and offer them to anyone who participates.

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