Friday 22nd May, 2020 → Sunday 31st May, 2020

Time: Hourly Time Slots between 10:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Cost: $0 or $10 Suggested Donation
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Passage is a rich auditory experience by Torn Space Theater. It is intended to be experienced in a beautiful setting of the listener’s choice. Every summer, Torn Space enacts a ritual, via a mythical society, to celebrate what has been metaphorically cultivated familially, socially, and globally. This year, the society invites you to open the ceremony with an intimate auditory experience, allowing you to engage in public ritual on an individual level. Listeners are encouraged to follow a set of instructions for the best experience:

  • - Passage is a personal performance piece; choose whatever time of day you find the most beautiful to experience it.
  • - Seek out a beautiful location. Maybe it’s a park, the open streets or your own backyard. If you can’t be outdoors choose a quiet, comfortable place in your home. You may sit still or move through space. The experience lasts 30 minutes.
  • - Sound provides the entrance; access the sound through headphones or the best means possible.

You are the ceremony. This is the ritual. Witness the reawakening.

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