Obsidian Bellis, "Apothecary for Sis"
Saturday 6th Apr, 2019 → Friday 3rd May, 2019

Buffalo Arts Studio
2495 Main Street, Suite 500 Buffalo, NY 14214
Time: 10:00am - 5:00pm
Cost: Free
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Raised on the East Side of Buffalo NY, Obsidian Bellis has used their art to navigate their feelings of otherness that result from the intersections of their identity as a Black American non-binary femme person. A majority of Bellis’s artistry has developed through self-teaching and mentorship. Bellis often bounces between mediums and finds freedom in the ability to tell intimate stories from the places they imagine and their navigation of personal freedom. They have established a creative brand entitled Maybe Heaven which makes prints, wearable designs, and accessories of their original work available for purchase (find more here).

“Apothecary for Sis” is an exploration of the nostalgic energy of objects. The exhibition exudes a magical spirituality on a journey that honors healing through art. The exhibition presents as a collection of reliquaries of sorts. The objects and their energies represent relationships in Bellis’s life that have helped form them. While recognizing the energy of these objects, Bellis also invites the public to make their own connections. Underpinnings of racism, colonialism, and gender are intrinsic in “Apothecary for Sis” just as they are inherent in the past and present. The embroidery, quilt making, and herbs all pay homage to the magic of domestic talents and their perceived femininity. Such talents were largely demonized in the wake of colonization and disregarded because of the gender and race of the people who labored over their creation. Through the exhibition, Bellis creates space to share, honor, and heal, and through their intimate yet universal story.

This exhibition will be guest curated by Emily Owen, a MA candidate at the University at Buffalo.

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