Books That Shook the World
Friday 15th Jul, 2016 → Friday 30th Sep, 2016

Central Library
1 Lafayette Square Buffalo, NY 14203
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The 35 most significant rare books in the Milestones of Science collection are now on display in a new space called the Collections Gallery on second floor of the Downtown Library. Books That Shook the World is organized around ten science-related disciplines/themes, and alongside the magnificent books on display are attractive graphics and immersive information on the authors and the revolutionary ideas posed through their publications. Interactive activity stations, representative props and illustrative banners and wall panels further illuminate the presented themes.  The Buffalo story of how the collection was assembled is also included.

Take a virtual tour of this magnificent exhibit here: 

The exhibition is free and open to the public during all Central Library operating hours:

Also in the gallery space is an all-ages interactive area called The STEM Education Center, where games, videos, and program stations amplify themes presented in the exhibition.  Occasional traveling exhibitions from partner institutions will be presented here as additional storytelling vehicles.

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