It’s come to this. As a Bills fan at the start of the season, however the optimist, believing the team could make a playoff run with a wunderkind rookie quarterback, or however pessimistic in thinking they might not win a game, no one foresaw this. But we've a new, absurd low as Bills fans.

Derek Anderson, a 35-year-old quarterback who has played and occasionally started for the Carolina Panthers, Arizona Cardinals, and Cleveland Browns, will be the Bills starting quarterback for Week 7 at Indianapolis. They signed him less than two weeks ago. He will be the third starting QB for the Bills in seven weeks, and the fourth to take snaps since the start of the preseason. He's the fifth on the roster in a calendar year.

A combination of questionable scouting, poor planning, weak wills, and bad luck have led us to this point, the ridiculousness of which shouldn't be understated. Nathan Peterman, however resolute, is simply too toxic for the team to be able to start another NFL game for the Bills. Whatever you think of him, be it misfortune or lack of talent that has got him to this spot, he is too scarred to move forward. Enter Derek Anderson, who is a very serious quarterback.

A few weeks ago we talked about how the Bills fared at drafting quarterbacks but, acquiring them and starting them is a whole other animal. The team has struggled a bit since Jim Kelly exited the field. Alas, let’s have fun with numbers. Sad, tragic numbers.

10 million – The amount of money on a two-year contract that AJ McCarron signed with the Buffalo Bills this past offseason, which included a four million dollar signing bonus

6 million – That’s the roster bonus in dollars, to go with another $10 million base salary, that Tyrod Taylor earned when signing with the Cleveland Browns this offseason. Taylor is currently backing up Baker Mayfield.

900,000 – The base salary AJ McCarron is making as an Oakland Raider backup quarterback.

1,407 - The number of days since Anderson last won a game as a starter.

738 – The Bills total passing yards on the year. That is dead last in the league, which includes six teams who have played one fewer game on the year. Unless they throw for 450 yards this week, they will remain behind all ten teams who have had bye weeks. They will need to beat the Cardinals by 200 yards to move out of last place.

292 - How many more passing yards Allen has thrown in his five and a half games than Jameis Winston has thrown in his one and a half games.

168 – How many passes Derek Anderson has thrown in the NFL in the last seven years.

164 – How many passes Andrew Luck, the quarterback the Bills play on Sunday, has thrown in his last three games.

123 – The average passing yards per game for the Buffalo Bills through six weeks. It is last in the league, and the next closest, the Arizona Cardinals, are almost 30% better at over 155 passing yards per game.

76 – How many games Luck has started for the Colts, the team that drafted him, in the last seven seasons. The most starts for any Bills at QB since Jim Kelly are Ryan Fitzpatrick at 53 and Drew Bledsoe at 48.

19 – Anderson will be the 19th quarterback to start a game for the Buffalo Bills since Kelly retired. That’s almost an average of a new quarterback each year.

11.4 – Peterman’s interception percentage. On average, he is throwing an interception more than once every ten passes.

7.5 – How many points the Colts are giving the Bills, which, I guess makes sense.

4 – This will be the fourth time in the last 22 years that the Bills have started three different quarterbacks in a season. The last time they started four in a season was 1987, when Brian McClure, Willie Totten, and Dan Manucci each started one game and Jim Kelly started 12.

4- The number of starts Anderson has in the last seven seasons.

1 – The number of injuries standing in between Nathan Peterman hanging on the sidelines this Sunday and Nathan Peterman taking a snap this Sunday.

0 – The number of full games Nathan Peterman has both started and finished in the NFL. He has appeared in seven games, relieving in four, starting in three, getting yanked in two, and getting injured in one. That’s a tough go.

Week Seven Mini Preview: The Bills kept it close last week, and the defense has been impressing quite a bit. They should keep in the Colts offense in check for at least some of the game, but the ineptitude on offense is becoming too much to overcome. Perhaps Anderson can stir some scoring, but it’s more than likely that the Bills fall flat against Frank Reich and the Colts.