Meet a truly great up and coming blues rock act that absolutely rips. Goodbye June. It rips, but with a twist.

Landon Milbourn (lead vocals), Tyler Baker (guitar), and Brandon Qualkenbush (guitar) have created a sound that combines screaming riffs and soulful vocals with a distinct indie rock flavor in some of their songs. But make no mistake, this is a band out for rock 'n roll blood, and their latest EP "Danger in the Morning" shows that they have the power and the talent to go out and get it. This is the sort of EP and band that appeals to anyone aching for some old school rock, but also fits right in with fans of newer outfits like Highly Suspect or Rival Sons.

Before Goodbye June hit the stage on February 18 at the Town Ballroom, I spoke with them about their sound, their EP, their fans, and where they see themselves in the current musical climate.

Your style is this wonderful blend of classic blues rock and some very interesting indie rock elements. When you guys formed, what were you listening to that made you say, “this is the kind of music we’re going to make?”

We were listening to a lot of early Kings Of Leon, Bob Dylan, early Vampire Weekend, Leon Russell, Zeppelin, CCR... and all of us grew up in the Pentecostal church, as well. That was more gospel-based (Andrae Crouch, Richard Smallwood) but still had a lot of blues elements and some foot-stomping good times. All that combined is really the way we grew up and how we play. 

Do you feel you’re navigating in a musical climate where things are more diverse or more homogenous? Has this helped you craft your music? 

We try to not pay much attention to trends or fads in music. They come and go. Honest rock 'n roll is timeless, and that's the music we strive to release. We have noticed bands play with a lot of "tracks" live, and that's something we don't relate to. 

Some of your songs drive with really great riffs and passionate vocals. What do you think the power of songs like that is, where does the power in them come from?

We just try to write the most honest songs in the most powerful, electric way possible. Whether that's rowdy riffs and screaming vocals or stripped down and more intimate. 
Our feelings towards the content in the song are always vividly shown live or listening to the album. 

What, to you, makes the songs you write sound good? What are you looking for when you start to write?

I think the right melody and right groove/riff are the biggest components to the initial start of making a song feel good. It needs to feel great to you before it feels good to the listener. At the end of the day you know if it's working or not. If not, you have to be honest enough to yourself to let it go. 

For the brand of music you create, do you think there’s a specific range of people who are more grabbed by your music than others? Or have you found it to be pretty universal?

When we first started we didn't know what age group or range of people we would relate to. However, we have found over the years of touring that a wide, diverse, group of people have supported us and continue to do so. From girls in their teens to 60+ year old men. We love all our fans and wouldn't change a thing. 

If there were something you would want new listeners or people who haven’t discovered your band yet to know, what would that be?

We strive to pay homage to the great early classic rock 'n roll bands with our twist on it. We are just trying to do our part to keep the rock 'n roll machine going. Come see us live!

Goodbye June performed at the Town Ballroom on February 18, 2017.