There are those times when we stumble upon something that is so unexpected and absolutlely delightful that we are left wanting more. Seeing Purity Ring live at The Mohawk Place in Downtown Buffalo for me was one of those times. 

The Canadian future pop duo of Megan James and Corin Roddick were on the first stop of a North American tour and during a brief exchange before the performance, they explained it was only their 5th time performing live ANYWHERE.

Mohawk Place is a cosy and notoriously dimly lit venue which played well to the stage presentation of Purity Ring. The setup included a backlit bass drum that Megan occasionally struck with a mallet; Corin's homemade copper tube instrument that might have once belonged to Doctor Parnassus and a computer-controlled loop/effects machine.

The combination of the Lykke Li styled vocals and the ghost chill flavor of the arpeggio heavy rhythms were just the right amount of beautiful and haunting. 

As they wrapped up their 35-minute set a bit too soon for a crowd that wanted more, Megan told us we'd just heard all of the songs they currently had. Some smart-ass near the stage yelled "make more songs..." - I'm sure everyone there actually agreed.

Upcoming Releases:
A 7-inch split with Braids featuring “Belispeak” out October 10th on Fat Possum


**UPDATE 4/24/12**

New Single "Obedear" released. I cannot stop listening to it!!