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The old  cliché is that many of the best bands in the world started in garages. Well, why not a porch? That's the philosophy behind Porchfest here in Buffalo, a biannual festival that started in Ithaca, NY and spread to other towns and cities in the U.S. and Canada.

The idea is simple: residents of Elmwood Village area and other areas open their porches to local musicians as their stages for the day. The bands cover every genre and rotate on and off of each stage, like any other music festival. But this time, the bands are local, hungry and taking advantage of the rich artistic heritage in Buffalo. 

Porchfest serves a dual purpose. Not only does it provide a stage and audiences for more than 50 local artists, but it serves as a way to get to know the homes and neighbors of Elmwood village. It feels like a block party, only much bigger. There's the friendly, laid back atmosphere, and (hopefully) a gorgeous June day to soak it all in.

Elmwood village seems to represent the best of Buffalo in so many ways. The people, the culture, the fellowship and brotherhood...that's what Buffalo's all about. And that's what flourishes at Porchfest. It's a gathering of the neighborhood that combines the best of the outdoor concert experience with friends and the thrill of discovering new local talent in an intimate and raw setting. In a multi-faceted venue like this, the music has to shine through, and the lineup this year is looking very promising.

There's truly something for those of every musical persuasion at Porchfest. This year features tons of talent ranging from the indie-alternative grooves of White Shade, to a great grunge fix with uncanny Seattle sound-alikes Nylon Otters, and the Pearl Jam tribute band Unleash the Lion.

Porchfest is a picture perfect representation of Buffalo's resurgence in living color, literally and figuratively. With the beautiful homes and porches as the stage for the best young artists Buffalo has to offer, this is a local treat that only happens twice a year, so this is one that you can't afford to miss. It's funky, it's fresh, it's what the heart and soul of Buffalo and independent music is all about. Click here for band list.

Buffalo Spring Porchfest 2017!

Sat Jun 3rd
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Kris Kielich

arts journalist and part time jedi
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