One of our goals here at Buffalo Vibe is to keep you, the reader, updated with what's fresh and current on the music scene.  The amount of information on the internet, like the universe, is vast and ever expanding.  As such, trying to find quality material among all the clutter can be tedious and tiresome.

Fortunately for you we're up to the task and have, over the past week, spent countless hours  scouring the internet to bring you the best Free Music it has to offer for two reasons: One, who else has that kind of time on their hands?  And two, who doesn't like free stuff?

So, without further ado, allow us to introduce to you our first installment of Free Music Fridays. Just click on the links and enjoy.

You're welcome.


Sulaiman and Doc Da Mindbenda - Hook, Line and Sinker

This "freEP" from Chicago rapper, Sulaiman is seven tracks of straight fire. I've been listening to this cat for some years now and it always amazes me that he doesn't have more recognition.  I'm pretty sure this dude is ghost writing for some of your favorite rappers.  This is a must download if you're a fan of good hip-hop.


SNKA - Carnaval

A combination of stumbling percussion, jazzy loops, wonky chops combined with his excellent choice of samples all give life to his off beat compositions which project an undeniable rhythm & flow.


Mr. Carmack - Oh, Brooklyn/Red Shift

Two solid instrumentals that provide a vignette of alluring metropolis vibes as you follow Carmack down winding alleyways.


DJ Cutso - Live on House Nation

Check out this lovely set by DJ Cutso of the Bangerz crew from his premier on House Nation that's available for stream or download.