Happy Monday, Buffalo!  Please excuse my absence as I was out last week and unable to bless you with the free music that we have all come to know and love - I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. FMF is back though, with a special Monday edition, and we have a fresh lineup for you this week including an excellent project from one of Buffalo's own, a couple of debut singles from some highly anticipated upcoming albums, as well as some smooth R&B projects. So by all means, listen and enjoy.

Cove - love.gained/love.lost.too

Local producer and EVC member, Cove recently released his latest instrumental album for free download on his band camp.  I was lucky enough to grab one of the few remaining physical copies of this gem at a show last week, and it's been in heavy rotation ever since.  Do yourself a favor and cop this before you do anything else this week.

Joey Bada$$ - Big Dusty

Big Dusty is the first single to the highly anticipated debut album from Joey Bada$$ that's set to drop this fall.  For those who are unaware of this dude, now's the time to get familiar because he represents the future in east coast hip hop.  He is peculiarly intelligent for a 19 year old with witty lyrics and an impeccable flow.  You can stream the single below or check out the visuals here, and if you haven't, check out his critically acclaimed mixtape, 1999.

Estère - Estère

"Estère is a girl with an MPC she likes to call Lola. She produces her songs with Lola, mostly at home in her pajamas. Estère plays/records a mixture of bass, synth, drums, vocal harmonies, keyboard, whistles, kazoo, desk tapping and anything else that might take her fancy then layers her production with pulsating rhythms and evocative melodies that adhere to the genre of Electric Blue Witch Hop."  I love the album art to this, which is what originally caught my eye and caused me to listen.  Definitely a unique mixture of sounds.

Action Bronson - Easy Rider

Action Bronson is an unstoppable force.  The Queens native is constantly grabbing attention for his on stage antics (he most recently walked off the stage and into a port-a-potty to take a shit, rhyming all the while - see picture above) as well as his hyper-referential, superfluous rapping style.  The chef turned emcee is non-stop entertainment, and just released the first single from his upcoming major-label debut, Mr. Wonderful.  Check out the single and then treat yourself to some of Action's hilarious YouTube videos.

Nathaniel - Fellatio

"Sweet almond oil foot rubs. Hibiscus scented candlelight. Rose petal dusted Egyptian cotton. Morning after omelets in matching terry cloth bathrobes... This ain't that shit!"

In 2003, Detroit producer TaRaach collaborated with an MC from Orange County, California to create The Fellatio EP, but the project was shelved and all that ever came out of it was a 12" single that was distributed in Germany back in 2005... until now.  TaRaach started a new label and has officially released the project to the masses.  Sounds pretty fresh for being 11 years old.  Check it out.

KlassKlownKarl - The Klown EP

A solid instrumental project from the Growllective and UK producer, KlassKlownKarl.  The Klown EP has a nice old-school feel with jazz/soul samples and break beats.  I guess he gets a pass cause he's English and may not know any better, but someone should really talk him about maybe changing his name - the acronym is a bit troublesome.