Happy Friday!  It's hard to believe another week has already gone by.  Today we have something special lined up for you besides just the best free music that's floating around out there in cyberspace.  With this being the last Friday of February, AKA Dilla month, we're going to honor J Dilla, one of the greatest and most influential producers of all time.

February is the month of Dilla's birth as well as his passing eight years ago.  As a result, every year around this time, the internet is flooded with tributes by musicians from all over the globe. So, in addition to providing you with the best free music of the week, we are also including the best J Dilla tributes from the past month.  What better way to celebrate the weekend and free music than by honoring a hip hop legend?  All you have to do is click on the links and enjoy.

Phife Dawg - Dear Dilla

A tribute from one hip hop legend to another.  Phife Dawg of A Tribe Called Quest made this song and beatiful video as a dedication to Jay Dee.  The video was filmed at various locations in Dilla's hometown of Detroit and features family members and associated artists.



Fro Zen - Dilla Day Medley

This set features the three piece band, Fro Zen, playing live renditions of some of their favorite Dilla songs.  Each cut segues seamlessly into the next during this ten minute jam session, and they even provided some visuals of the performance.


DJ A1 - Dilla House Breaks

DJ A1 puts a house music spin on three Dilla classics.


The Hip Hop Project - J Dilla Tribute 2014

Chicago's The Hip Hop Project is one of the nations longest running hip hop radio shows.  This exclusive turntable mix by DJ Slot-A clocks in at just under two hours and is full of classic Dilla songs and samples.


Excel - Dedicated to Dilla

Another great mix. This one from Philly's renowned, DJ Excel. TURN IT UP!


Curren$y - The Drive In Theatre

It didn't take long for our friend Curren$y to make it on FMF, and it's no suprise considering he is constantly putting out free music.  I'm not sure there's another rapper  who's dropped as many quality mixtapes over the past five years or so.  This time he's back with features from Action Bronson and Freddie Gibbs, as well as production from Thelonius Martian and B-Real.


Chief - Echo Chamber

Beat master Chief has assembled a solid collection of 31 beats, demos and other goodies produced in 2013 to form Echo Chamber, the new project available now as a free download! 


ShonGu - The Aquarius Tape

This short but sweet album from producer, ShonGu is the second in a series of albums named after astroligical signs.  The Aquarius tape features five super smooth, jazzy instrumentals that are perfect for relaxing to.