What's good Buffalo!?  We've got some great news for you as we've decided to bring back "Free Music Fridays!"  In case you've forgotten, or were never privy in the first place; the purpose of Free Music Friday is to bless our loyal visitors with fresh new music on a weekly basis that's available for free through streaming/download.  Becaause, what better way to celebrate the end of the week and get right for the weekend than with some great free music?  Vibe with us and enjoy!


Donuts Are Forever DJ set by DSTRUKT

An extensive live set by DSTRUKT from the annual J Dilla tribute, "Donuts Are Forever" that takes place every year at the Brooklyn Bowl.  DSTRUKT really did his thing on this one from the song selection to the edits - the seague from Herbie Hancock's "Running to Me" into Slum Village's "Get Dis Money" is sound for sore ears - and it's evident that he put a lot of preparation into this set. "I've been working on Dilla edits before I discovered I was booked for this party.  I knew that day would come sooner or later and I definitely wanted my set to be off-beat.  Some edits you're about to hear were done 7 years ago and never seen the light of day until 02.14.16." This is a must listen to for Dilla fans.  Check out the video or download the mp3 HERE.


Flamingosis - Great Hair

The New Jersey native has mastered the art of sampling to a level where he is praised both by Future Funk & Hip Hop heads.  Great Hair is a true example of how Flamingosis flips samples with his own signature; switching from boom-bap, to disco, boogie, soul, funk and chill wave.


Bry.Zen - Love//Libations

An instrumental beat tape from Long Beach producer Bry.Zen.  Love//Libations  features 15 beautiful tracks that are absolutely drenched in soul. Bry.Zen's use of samples, loops and chops are excellent and you can really hear the Jay Dee influence all over.


Hidden Jazz Quartet - Raw and Cooked

This one is for the jazz heads out there.  The Hidden Jazz Quartet draws influence from a variety of styles of jazz to form a unique and eclectic sound.  Raw and Cooked starts off with a heavy R&B/soul/blues feel and then delves into Blaxploitation, Acid Jazz, and even some spoken word.  Check it out.