Happy Friday, Buffalo.  I wish I could be more excited about the coming weekend, but that loss to the Dolphins has me feeling down and out.  I was just starting to think we were finally gonna end the drought this year, but it looks like another season of the type of heartbreak and underachievement that we've all gown accustomed to.  With that being said, let us soothe the sting of another lost season with some free music.  Enjoy.


Talib Kweli - Javotti Media Presents:  The Cathedral

The Cathedral is a new project from Talib Kweli, and the first release from his new media outlet that's geared toward gaining exposure for up and coming, independent artists.  Lots of features on this one including Curren$Y, Joell Ortiz, Big K.R.I.T., Pharoahe Monch and more.

Disclosure feat. MNEK - White Noise (Tenderly Remix)

Tenderly provides a super-smooth, R&B remix to Disclosure's "White Noise."  It's amazing how he was able to flip this track into something I actually enjoy listening to, because the original kind of sucked.  MNEK's vocals are superb.  Check it out.


Dert Floyd - E C L I P S E

Amazing new instrumental project from Dert Floyd.  His sound on this project is a continuation of the sound he developed while producing the phenomenal reconstruction of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon.  E C L I P S E  features more of the same tumultuous chops, loops and fuzzy synths.  According to the artist, the project "is a new voyage to the outer reaches of sound.  A middle passage throught varying stages of frustration, rage, depression, and heartache, eventually landing in a place of reconcillation."  Sound familiar Bills fans?


Ruck P - Corcovado

Short but sweet, 2-track project from Swiss native, Ruck P.  The EP has a nice jazzy feel to it, featuring moody guitar, swinging drums, and smooth vocal sampling.