It's Friday!!  I've managed to put the sticks down and take a break from Madden for long enough to bring you a fresh new FMF, because if there's one thing I love more than football - it's music.  (sorry Bills, but music never lost to a bunch of 2nd and 3rd stringers when they had a chance to make the playoffs, never gave up 9 points in under 30 seconds to lose to the Cowboys, nor does it ever go wide right!) So scroll down, press play, and enjoy some great free music.


Lord Finesse - The SP1200 Project:  A Re-Awakening
The fine folks at Slice of Spice records recently put o  ut this gem of unreleased instrumentals from non other than Lord Finesse.  The beats were resurrected from a stash of Finesse's own floppy disks (remember those?) and have been sequenced, mixed, and mastered for your listening pleasure.  This one's for the heads and producers out there as It's full of that golden era, mid-90's sound that was found on Lord Finesse's classic album The Awakening.  Enjoy this.


Araatan - Nymph
The production team of Araatan consists of two brothers from Mongolia that are based in Russia.  The only thing more unique than their back-story may be their sound on this project, which can best be described as electronic trap music.  Now I usually can't stand trap music, but I love this project.  These brothers are very talented and have definitely carved out a niche for themselves with their unique sound.  Check it out.


Joob  - Cycl:ical
Pronounced "sickle-ickle,"  this brilliant album is the sophmore release from Joob  (the kanji stands for kick-snare), a producer known for his spacey sounds, dissonant chords and infectious percussion.  According to the artist, Cycl:ical is "a testament to a reality governed by cycles." ...Deep.  Do your third ear a favor and give this album a listen.


Has-Lo & Castle - Good Feelings
After the release of their new project, Live Like You’re Dead, Has-Lo & Castle are giving us Good Feelings. The feel good song is laced with fun loving non-sequitors and an irony drenched look at modern culture. But mostly, it’s a look at a barbeque. Grab a Capri Sun and a Push Pop and kick back with Castle and relax.


A.J. x Beats - Flow-Fi Tape Track Vol 4
A.J. is one of the major emerging artists on Souncloud these days, and for good reason.  His combination of west coast, 90's era G-Funk, mixed with EDM, 70's disco and a splash of trap is as unprecedented as it is irresistible.  This release from Flow-Fi records features two tracks from the Dutch producer; "Visions" (side A), and "Don't Rush" (side B).