What a week it's been for our city; The Bills go into Chicago as huge underdogs and pull off the upset, Jim Kelly is cancer free, and the Pegula Family just bought our beloved football franchise, solidifying the team's presence here in WNY for years to come.  In continuing with the notion of positivity, we present to you Free Music Friday - the metaphorical cherry on top of the good-news sundae that has been the past week. I know that allegory was a bit of a stretch, but I really want some ice cream.  Enjoy the free music, and go Bills!


Mad Dukez & Fresh Kils - Round Rock
Dukez and Kils are back with some fresh new visuals from last years The Open Affairs EP.  "Round Rock" finds the duo boozing it up on the streets of Copenhagen, Denmark with the locals on a beautiful morning in May.  The occasion?  International Worker's Day; a national holiday devoted to honoring/celebrating the workforce (think Labor Day), in which copious amounts of beer (and most likely narcotics) are consumed.  This proves to be a very appropriate setting for the video shoot, as the song's chorus repeats the mantra "go another round, 'mother round."  It's a fun video and it looks like they had a blast making it, so support your local musicians and check it out.  This is the official day drinking song for Bills tailgates in 2014... let's get it in!


Curren$y - Saturday Night Car Tunes
After blessing us with mass amounts of quality free music over the past few years, Spitta warned that fans would have to come out of pocket for his next release (presumably Pilot Talk 3.)  Apparently it was rainy last Saturday in New Orleans, leaving Mr. Andretti unable to cruise around in one of his vintage Chevys; so, out of boredom he dropped this aptly named EP.  While not as long or as good as this summers Drive In Theatre mixtape, it's free and should hold listeners over until the release of his album. 
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A Sol Mechanic - Just Pick Me Up EP
A Sol Mechanic’s newest EP solidifies his evolution from beatmaker to producer-vocalist as he ties together blissed-out productions with achingly soulful vocals. David Blazer, the man behind A Sol Mechanic, has garnered a formidable reputation on Soundcloud for his west coast inspired beats that are as emotionally charged, as they are hard-hitting. 


K. Sparks - #TRENDY
In the midst of all the craziness going on in Ferguson and B.S. collabs from rappers who push products under the guise of caring about our current state of affairs (i.e. "Don't Shoot"), it's nice to see a rapper with a conscience give us his take on the situation.  K. Sparks hits the nail on the head as he ridicules hip hop culture for not having a greater response to the police brutality that we've all been witness to, as well as the general public for treating causes like fashion and only getting involved cause it's "trendy."  The message in this song is real.


All These Fingers - Blanche
A nice instrumental album featuring unreleased beats from the Michigan producer.  Great use of sampling here and some smooth, jazzy vibes.  Check it out.