The weekend is just around the corner, and as always we've perused the internet to bring you some great free music. From up-and-coming local bands to world renowned producers, this week's FMF has a variety of music to suite whatever mood this Friday may find you in. So whether you're going to a festival, bar, beach, park, or just being a homebody - it doesn't matter; music doesn't discriminate.


The Albrights - Soundwave
Local Buffalo rockers, The Albrights, have released some nice new visuals for their single "Soundwave" in anticipation of their upcoming album. The whimsical video plays like a 1920's silent film and goes well with the song's mix of sounds and playful lyrics.


Madlib - Rock Konducta (Parts 1 & 2)
The wait is finally over! Madlib is back with with the latest installment of his Beat Konducta series, this time using samples from all different genres of rock. For those who are unfamiliar, this dude is one of the most prolific producers on the planet, so if you're a fan of instrumentals you should definitely give this a listen. Part 1 and Part 2 are available free for spotify members, or you can stream a few songs below.


Maffew Ragazino - Die Nxgga Die
Some new fire from Maffew Ragazino for his upcoming project. This track features some dope artwork, and was inspired by the infamous civil rights activist, H. Rap Brown.


Drip Drop - Mecha Dreams
A short, but sweet 4-track instrumental album from Australian producer, Drip Drop. Very interesting, laid-back, futuristic sound. His flip of Barney Kessel's "The Look of Love" on "RX-78" is absolutely phenomenal, check it out.


Aru-2 - Viertes Logic
The Hot Record Societe is consistently putting out quality music, and this record is no exception. Aru-2 has been featured on FMF before, and this is more of the same experimental, chopped up production. This tape is pretty heavy on the synths, giving it a bit of a west coast feel.