Good afternoon, Buffalo!  I know you're probably itching to get out and enjoy this wonderful weekend weather, but if you're like most of us - you're probably stuck somewhere behind a desk for the next few hours. 

Not to worry, because #FMF has you covered with a variety of tunes to help you take a mental break from your office space. So stop tap-dancing for the man and #vibewithus for a bit, we won't tell.


Tone At - Moar Beets
A nice collection of jazzy hip hop beats from Buffalo's own Essential Vitamins Crew producer, Tone At.  Available for free download, but if you like to support local music, be sure to donate whatever you can. 

Dot - Super Moon
This instrumental comes from Dot, a west coast beat maker who is gaining some serious notoriety as a musician, as well as for starting an all-female record label.  Her track "Super Moon" features infectious synths, keys, and snaps over a head-nodding beat and baseline.  This shit is perfect.  


The Roots - When the People Cheer
The latest track from the hardest working band in America; and the first single from their upcoming album, And Then You Shoot Your Cousin.  Why are you still reading this, it's new music from The Roots!? Just click the damn link, already!



The Ruffcats - The Essence Vol. 2
The Ruffcats are an 8-piece funk/progressive soul band from Germany known for their extensive live touring and as the studio band for popular German soul singer, Flo Mega.  This studio album features 6 tracks of that heavy funk that'll make you wanna jump back and kiss yourself like James Brown.  


BONUS (Because you deserve it) :

@Peace and the Plutonian Noise Symphony
This is a very, very interesting project from @Peace.  The instrumentals are very unconventional and the song concepts are on some intergalactic, perception vs. reality shit.  I don't really know how else to describe this but "different."  Check it out if you like experimental hip hop.