What's good, Buffalo!?  We've made it through another week and another crazy snow storm.  It looks like some decent weather is finally on the way and we've got some great free music lined up to help  you melt away what is hopefully the last of these winter blues.  At this point you should need no further instruction, but just in case you've been asleep over the past three weeks, all you gotta do is click on the links and enjoy!

Amerigo Gazaway - Yasiin Gaye:  The Departure (Part One)

This album is absolutely incredible.  For those unfamiliar with Amergo Gazaway, he is a producer known for creating "mash-ups" of artists from from different eras, and his latest effort is nothing short of perfection.  This time he's paired Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def) with the legendary Marvin Gaye, creating the first in a series of collaborations that he refers to as "Soul Mates" (clever, right?). 

Gazaway does more than just take Marvin Gaye samples and put Mos Def vocals over them, he completely deconstructs the samples and re-structures the instrumentation into a new framework that sounds both novel and familiar at the same time.  I wanted to include this record in last week's edition of FMF, but it was removed from the artists' page due to a takedown notice from the RIAA.  Luckily, it's resurfaced in its entirety on youtube, and is once again availible for your listening pleasure.  Don't sleep on this!  Listen to/download it before it gets pulled from the internet again! http://soulmatesproject.bandcamp.com/album/yasiin-gaye-the-departure-side-one


Sango feat. SPZRKT - Middle of Things, Beautiful Wife (STWO remix)

Check out this super-smooth, R&B remix of Sango and SPZRKT's  "Middle of Things."  Great music to ride to.


Catch the Throne Mixtape

The folks over at HBO came up with an innovative idea to  promote the fourth season of "Game of Thrones" by releasing a mixtape to go along with it.  The 10 track tape features appearances from Big Boi, Common, and Wale among others.  The songs adopt various themes/storylines from the first three season, and feature samples from the original soundtrack.


Week of K.R.I.T.

Last week was dubbed "Week of K.R.I.T." by rapper Big K.R.I.T. as he realeased a new track each day of the week in preparation for his new album.  In case you missed it, we've got you covered with this compilation of said tracks.  Check it out if you're a fan of southern hip-hop.