What's good Buffalo? Another Friday is upon us, and, as always, we've got some great free music for your listening pleasure.  Be it rap, rock, jazz, or South American rhythms, this week's episode is full of gems to whet whatever musical appetite you may have. So enough of my rambling, you already know what to do.  Enjoy.

Tay Butler x Haz Solo - Come Home With Me

Last year Tay Butler and Haz Solo created some serious buzz with Silkies & House Shoes - a joint project that showcased Haz's production skills as well as the duo's clever lyrics and word play.  "Come Home With Me" is the new single from their upcoming sophmore effort and features more of the same quality production and lyrics.  You can stream the single below.  Like what you hear?  Download Silkies & House Shoes here.


Richard Spaven - Whole Other

Richard Spaven is a genius.  He's one of the most important figures in jazz music today and is renowned for his ability to seamlessly bridge jazz with multiple genres of music.  "Whole Other*" is the title track of Spaven's stunning first full-length album, and draws the line somewhere between jazz & electronica. 


Rustie Feat. Danny Brown - Attak

Some more fresh new music from across the pond.  "Attak" features Detroit MC, Danny Brown's spastic delivery over production from the UK's Rustie.  Danny Brown may be one of the most polarizing figures in rap music, but hate him or love him, he can flow over just about any beat imaginable.  "Attak" is no different as Mr. Brown goes in over machine gun snares and alarm-like synths.


Ode To Delia

A dope tribute to Delia Derbyshire and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.  For those unfamiliar, the BBC Radiophonic Workshop was formed in the 50's, and it's members created music using a very rudimentary form of what is known today as "sampling" by chopping up individual notes on a tape recorder and manipulating the sounds in various ways.  The influence this had on modern music ( hip-hop and electronic in particular) is immeasurable, and this project pays tribute by incorporating the Radiophonic Workshop's approach toward creating and manipulating sound.

Egon - Rock Mix

This is a mix of late 60's to mid 70's rock music from all over the world:  America to Germany to Japan and everywhere in between.  It's the type of rock Madlib used for Rock Konducta - a mixture of the rare and random dollar bin finds that makes crate-digging in the rock idiom so much fun.


Rugz D Bewler - Slave To Her Jays

"Woke up in a pasture full of slaves with jays."  Rugz fell off my rap-radar over the past few years, but it's nice to hear from the Roc-A-Fella intern, turned emcee.  "Slave to Her Jays" is the new single from his album that's dropping later this week.  With powerful and socially compelling lyrics, this is a must listen to.  Check it out.


Vol. III Lá Vem A Onda

More heat from the Hot Record Société.  This compilation is a tribute to the beautiful music of Brazil, featuring instrumentals and original material from producers from around the globe.  So soak up some sun, close your eyes, and let this record take you "down ol' South America way."