Last year I spent some time getting to know Chae Hawk and I saw firsthand how this talented Buffalo artist continues to push the boundaries of the local music scene while defining a whole new genre with his Progressive Rap Cinema projects. We talked at length about his most recent studio album "Dance Party for the Heavy Hearted" and the experience of being an artist in the Nickel City. Read the interview

In earlyJanuary 2015 Chae Hawk released the final film from the Dance Party project - Dirty Gospel. Incorporating footage shot between 2008 and 2012. The visual and track pay homage to the places, people and experiences that have been an important part of Chae's personal journey.

With this release, Dance Party for the Heavy Hearted is officially complete and Chae will be moving on to his next project. Using his existing works as any indication, I think we can safely assume that whatever comes next will be on point!

Until then check out the Dirty Gospel video below and join the conversation at Vidbolt