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You know you've found a great up and coming band when the songs unravel as they're sung, an even better one when the songs unravel you, and an amazing one when the songs unravel the youthful, undiluted version of self hiding inside of you. That's the vein alt-pop band Nightly are moving into and that's where they plan to stay. "It's a weird thing (when referring to writing music), where you just sort of feel like you know where the song should go, if it feels right in the moment when you're writing it," Jonathan Capeci, lead singer of Nightly, said during a call from Los Angeles.

The duo had just wrapped up the filming of a new music video for their single "Talk to Me" off the Honest EP when Jonathan called to recap with me before their stop in Niagara Falls on the band's No Vacancy tour at Rapids Theater. The Philadelphian turned Nashville rover, who makes up one half of Nightly (his cousin Joey Beretta plays guitar), was speaking in a you-caught-me-at-a-good-moment pitch, so I felt it the opportune time to spring into the future with regard to a forthcoming album. "I think we're going to possibly do another EP before we do an album, he said. "As far as what the future stuff sounds like, it's definitely in the same vein as the EP. It kind of expounds upon stuff we talk about there."

The Honest EP is Nightly's highly praised, inaugural project and plays like the name implies. Like opening a small notebook of Lorde-induced tennis court tales and femme fatales, the four track EP is candid and defined, but elaborates more on just a puppy love aspect. A motel motif seemed symbolic of the duo's processes of self discovery, and it reoccurs in the Nightly video for their newest single, "No Vacancy." "It is something inspiring to think about, only being in a place for night trying to capture some sort of balance in your life and having things that are consistent even though you're traveling all the time," Jonathan said.

Their first single "XO" which was independently released on Soundcloud and is now included on the EP, takes place at an undisclosed motel party, but a pit stop on the duo's travel itinerary. A camera swerves around a glowing motel room door to reveal a toxic, long-distance relationship in full effect. The song's bouncy hook and romantic but truthful retelling of life on the road accurately represents the band's here and now, with some acting tossed in for dramatic effect, Jonathan says. "The funny thing about doing a video is that it has to kind of be over the top a little bit to get the point across. It was our first experience doing something like that, but we had a really good time," the singer said.

Director Tobias Nathan was chosen to execute the duo's vision for "XO." "He has this really unique skill for capturing color," Jonathan said. "and everything that we kind of do, I don't know, we're very visual with all of our branding stuff, so we wanted to make sure that we found somebody who could really capture colors that depicted mood."

Nightly's travels have actually brought them to Buffalo more than once. Their show at Rapids Theater with The Struts will be their first major bill in the city.

While they've eaten a mean chicken finger sub or two during their stay, Jonathan hinted that he has never experienced the eats scene as a Buffalo foodie probably should. "Joey just married a girl from Buffalo, so we've been there before, but not for a show or anything. Buffalo actually has some really good food, if you're looking to eat unhealthy," he laughed.

When it comes to eating royally on the road, Jonathan and Joey stick with their tried and true Pittsburgh hole in the wall, a little Italian spot called Enrico's.

Can Jam wins the favorite touring pastime award. "I actually had a really good friend who moved into town when I was in high school...a guy who was actually in a band back in the day, a little bit older than me, and he was from Buffalo and he was all about Can Jam and that was kind of my first experience with it and I showed all my friends," he said.

With their indie music success so dewey and fresh, Jonathan says Nightly stays the course by remaining realistic.

"The people that are successful are a lot of people that we knew back then that still are in love with (music) and continue to be better because the thing is, there's so much music and there's so many factors. There's so much stuff that can go wrong..." Jonathan said. "If you're doing it for the wrong reasons, trying to just make money or whatever, you'll be disappointed because there's no kind of sure path, even if you're signed, even if you've had this massive single or you've had a tour. Each day is going to be different. It's not all going to be sold-out shows."

Nightly joins Greta Van fleet in opening for The Struts at Rapids Theater tomorrow at 7 pm. Let's cross our fingers for a sold-out show.

More about Nightly: http://www.nightloveyou.com/

The Struts

Thu May 18th
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Jessica Brant

Jessica is a music editor at BuffaloVibe.
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