Buffalo based rapper Mad Dukez, and Toronto producer Fresh Kils have combined sonic forces to bring fans Gettin’ Gatsby; a full length album that serves as a follow up to their Open Affairs EP, which was released earlier this year. Gettin’ Gatsby dropped on July 16, (716), as a homage to the rapper’s hometown, and was released on DTR45, a local independent hip hop label.

For those unfamiliar with Mad Dukez, not only is he one of the finest MC's the Buffalo has to offer, but also one of the most well rounded rappers who is currently putting out music in the region. Dukez has gained local notoriety through quality recorded material, (he has released six albums as well as multiple free mixtapes), and success in local rap battles, as well as his ability to kick incredible freestyles for seemingly hours on end.

Fresh Kils is a producer from Toronto who has received heavy praise from critics for his quality productions, and his amazing live instrumental routines – he is an absolute phenom on the Music Production Center. His skills have garnered plenty of attention in the hip hop circles, which have led him to work with such notable artists as Saigon and Ali Shaheed Muhammad. Fresh Kils will no doubt continue to accumulate accolades and critical praise as he continues to put out some of the freshest beats in the underground scene.

Now back to the album. Throughout its ten tracks, Gettin’ Gatsby, much like F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel, explores themes of sacrifice, success, money, fame, and excess. For instance, “Decadent Dilemma,” finds Mad Dukez rapping about the price of success, and all the cons that come with sacrificing friends, family, and free time in order to achieve one’s goals. From start to finish, Dukez blesses the listener with his exceptional delivery and conscious lyrics that provide a concise analysis of the rap industry as a whole. The beats on the album are absolutely outstanding, and despite the great lyrics, the production is where it truly shines. From the funky drums of the opening, “Bootleg Bartender,” to the smooth, soulful horn samples on the DJ Premiere-esque, “Brother Bookie,” Fresh Kils shows off his remarkable skills as a beat maker, and proves to be the perfect complement to Mad Dukez’ charismatic flow. Through their collaboration, Mad Dukez and Fresh Kils have created a two-headed monster, and a great overall album that provides the perfect soundtrack to the summer. Check out the link below for the video, “Bootleg Bartender,” which was shot at DBGB’s on Allen Street, where they will also be performing on August 3rd. Come check them out if you have an appetite for innovative beats and clever lyrics, you’re sure to be satisfied.

Mad Dukez & Fresh Kils - Bootleg Bartenders [Official Music Video]