"Restaurants are opening. Hotels are going up or being rebuilt. The city's harborfront has a new industry: entertainment and recreation. All of this makes Buffalo a place to visit."

Quoting Buffalorising.com's Newell Nussbaumer extensively, Bob Karlovits, staff writer for Trib Total Media, published this article on Saturday, Aug. 15, 2015, which paints a fabulous picture of Buffalo for his readers in Pittsburgh. There are a growing number of similarities between these two rust belt cities -- all positive.

Karlovits cleverly chronicles Canalside and waterbikes, which were brought to Buffalo's newly watered canals by repats coming from a two-year stint in - guess where? - Pittsburgh. They then morphed the waterbikes into the now very notable icebikes. Larkinville, Buffalo's Frank Lloyd Wright treasures, the Albright-Knox -- even Horsefeathers and Martin Cooks get a shout out.

This article does a good job of convince folks from Pittsburgh and anywhere else to head to Buffalo for at least a long weekend. Come one, come all!