Heart Bombs were born right here in Buffalo. Now the grassroots Valentine's Day outpouring of love for historic buildings and neglected architectural gems has spread across the nation.

In Heart Bomb 2016: Spread the Love for Historic Places, National Trust director of digital content Julia Rocchi credits members of Buffalo's Young Preservationists for helping initiate the heart bomb concept and urges readers to "shower an older or historic place with tangible expressions of affection and devotion—preferably with lots of other place-lovers in tow."

Heart bombs are "love letters to historic places that appear at historic sites nationwide, on local landmarks, and around places both safe and threatened." Valentine's Day offers perfect timing for these expressions of love.

Ricchi provides a list of instructions for hosting a Heart Bomb event, and includes a link to the How to Host a Successful Heart Bomb Event guide. Glitter is a key ingredient, but taking pictures and posting them on every possible social media platform are what give construction paper hearts affixed to buildings real impact.

The National Trust is doing its part to leverage this fun campaign into an effective nationawide crusade:

"Send your very best, big, hi-res pictures to editorial@savingplaces.org by Friday, February 26. And please include a one-paragraph blurb about why you love this place and why more people should fall in love with it, too. Our team will then compile your heart bombs into happy, place-loving photo essays that shed light on the buildings and landscapes nearest to your hearts. So snag some glitter, pick your place, and sing its praises to the world!"

Thus is born a fun, creative way to shout "I Love You, Buffalo" that will be heard across the country and around the world.