More Buffalo boosting across the border in Michele Sponagle's Buffalo’s new cool makes it a prime spot posted on on October 27, 2015.

From the opening paragraph:

"At the end of a tour of Buffalo’s iconic City Hall, a stunning example of Art Deco, architecture, a group of visitors and I were on the observation platform looking out over the downtown core. Our guide rhymes off a list of other places he’s lived, like Florida and California. Then adds, 'But there’s only one city now where I want to live and that’s Buffalo. I love this town'.”

To the closing paragraph:

"No matter where you go in Buffalo, the common thread that runs through it all is pride. Buffalonians have oodles of it. They are proud of the wild ride they’ve endured, from being one of the wealthiest American cities at the turn of the centre to a downward slump in the middle and then today. It has emerged as a place that ticks all the boxes in everything that you’d want from a vacay away from it. Buffalo is taking its turn in the spotlight. You’ve come a long way, baby!"

This post promotes Buffalo in Canada in ways our hometown folks need to hear. The food scene goes beyond wings (thankfully) and mentions Seabar, Oshun, Proper, Gene McCarthy's and the Old First Ward Brewwing Company. The arts scene callouts are the Darwin D. Martin House, Graycliff, the Pierce Arrow Museum, Forest Lawn, the Fontana Boathouse, the Guaranty Building, the Albright-Knox, the Burchfield Penney and CEPA Gallery. Not a bad roundup.
The real value of this article is that it might just lure some our Canadian visitors out of the Walden Galleria and into our burgeoning downtown. Another new retail shop is about to open this month. Joe Incao has come full circle, from working in the Berger's Shoe Department in 1982, to opening Furnishings, a Bergers-like high end mini-department store in that very same space (with the best address: 500 Main Street). Its sophisticated approach is very Toronto, but far less pricey. That plus cool eateries like D'Avolio's new location on the 500 block of Main will soon provide writers with a new section of Buffalo to tout: the retail scene.