In what feels like a riff on Katie Couric's Yahoo News Comeback series, published The Next Big Thing: 10 Awesome Comeback Cities to Visit on March 1, 2016. 

"It’s time to re-introduce yourself to these 10 cities that have done the impossible and transformed themselves from C-list destinations into ones worthy of your precious vacation time. You’ll be glad you gave them that second chance to woo you, courtesy of new attractions, hotels, and restaurants that come wrapped up with a fresh "can-do" attitude and plenty of pride."

Written and compiled by Michele Sponagle. the piece features Buffalo in the #1 spot, just one click off the Intro:

"Former visitors are in for a shock—in the best possible way. The city has shed its ugly duckling image to emerge a vibrant urban hub busily reinventing itself. Think new boutique hotels like soon-to-open Curtiss and Hotel Henry, both housed in beautifully renovated historic buildings; a revitalized Canalside area, where an old railway bridge hosts a cafe come summer; and a thriving craft beer industry. Design fans find their happy place amid stunning buildings from legendary architects, including Frank Lloyd Wright and Louis Sullivan (Wright’s mentor), and at the underrated Albright Knox Art Gallery. And yes, those famous chicken wings are as good as ever, but the city’s cuisine scene has grown with the addition of notable eateries such as Toutant (modern Southern fare) and EXPO Market, which showcases six food vendors offering everything from Burmese cuisine to a turkey and stuffing sandwich. So diverse, so Buffalo."

Fellow comeback cities include Liverpool, England; Cartagena, Colombia; Marseille, France; Ljubljana, Slovenia; Seoul, South Korea; Melbourne, Australia; as well as neighbors closer to home: Detroit, Pittsburgh and Hamilton, Ontario.