For a concise take on Buffalo's downtown resurgence read Buffalo no longer just shuffling along by Paul Attfield in Canada's The Globe and Mail on March 22. 

While the first paragraph invokes the hackneyed sports failures and recalls the bad old days, there is not another negative vibe in the entire article. It is a clear come on to Canadian investors looking to sink some cash into development on this side of the river, and to saavy Canadian businessmen looking to go binational by opening offices in the Queen City.

The focus is solely on downtown and the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, and the news is all good. No mention is made of One Seneca Tower, although it probably should have been referenced as one of the biggest -- make that the tallest -- investment opportunities on the horizon. And it's clearly visible from Canada.

Articles like this do not tell locals anything we don't already know, but their audiences may still be laboring under old and now out-dated impressions of Buffalo. This is what makes them so very important. Millenials looking for opportunity, investors looking for projects, professionals looking to expand or relocate -- talent and resources from somewhere else might just start looking at ways to shuffle off to Buffalo.