St. Patrick's Day in Buffalo... Not one, but two parades. Green beer-and plenty of it. Corned beef and cabbage at every corner pub. Is it any wonder that Buffalo was ranked second only to Chicago in a ranking of U.S. cities that celebrate St. Patrick's Day?

In 2016’s Best & Worst Cities for St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations by Richie Bernardo on, Buffalo receives a rating of 70.14, just a hair behind Boston's 71.16. Go Buffalo! And watch your back, Boston.

"In honor of St. Patrick’s Day and Irish-American Heritage Month, WalletHub’s number crunchers compared the 100 largest cities across 17 key metrics to find out which among them are worthy of the Irish’s approval when it comes to celebrating their ancestry. Our data set ranges from “number of Irish pubs and restaurants per capita” to “lowest price for a three-star hotel on St. Patrick’s Day” to “weather forecast” for the holiday.

"...if you participate in at least one of those activities on March 17, you’re in fact partaking in a celebration of the Irish heritage of 33.1 million Americans, far more than the population of Ireland itself.

"And while historians might disagree on where and when the first ever St. Patrick’s Day parade actually took place — whether in Boston in 1737 or in New York City in 1762 but certainly not in Ireland — the holiday has definitely spread across the U.S. as one of its biggest cultural celebrations. Cities from coast to coast have cultivated their own St. Paddy’s Day traditions throughout the centuries. Some cities famously dye their rivers green. Others put on carnivals, pageants, concerts, block parties, pub crawls and even long processions of marching bagpipers."

Like Buffalo, for instance.

Watch for Buffy bedecked in green proudly promoting Buffalo as a truly great place to live in both St. Patrick's Day Parades this year! #wheresbuffy