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The desires of the soul are threefold: the desire to live, the desire to know the truth, and the desire to be happy. If you feel these three things consistently, it means your soul is is awakened. If you struggle at times, like most of us do, it is a sign that you need to nurture your soul - to feed it- to surround yourself with smells, sights, and sounds, that awaken this entity that resides within each of us.

The weekend in Buffalo seems to be ripe with opportunities to connect with and nurture the soul. Whether it's checking out some inspiring theater, grabbing a rich sweet bite, listening to beats, working to correct social injustices, or doing some of your own therapeutic healing-- Buffalo isn't going to disappoint you this weekend.

As an added bonus--by participating in these activites, you not only feed your soul, but also the soul of this great city.

1 - Learn About the Legend - Louis Armstrong.

Playwright, actor, and once Buffalo resident, Danny Mullen, performs as a one-man-show, in honor of the artist lovingly nicknamed Satchmo in The Tough Shuffle. Louis Armstrong's American "started from the bottom" life story is one we should all brush up on, internalize, and use for soul's inspiration. The play deals with some very real issues that Armstrong grappled with in his life and illustrates his tough and enduring attitude in response. As the play is full of jazz played on vinyl- this pick is sure to hit you right in the heart. Check out Armstrong's rendition of the African-American spiritiual Rock My Soul to see what we mean.

Satchmo | A Tough Scuffle

Fri Jun 22nd → Sat Jun 30th

2 - Treat Yourself With a Dessert at The Black Sheep

Sugar often gets a bad wrap in our recently more health-conscious culture. The sweet taste is in fact, the most important taste to build and nourish us. Think about a mother's milk or nature's bounty of fruits, sap from a maple tree, honey from the bees — all sweet! The sweet taste also soothes our nervous systems, something an overstimulated society really needs.

If there are real physical and psychological benefits to eating natural sugars every day, can we make the leap and say it's good to have a killer dessert once in a while? Yes, yes we can.

If you are going to indulge... make it count! Black Sheep's Sticky Toffee Pudding may not fit with the whole healthy natural sugar idea, but one thing is for sure, it will force you to savor every bite, warm your tummy, and help you feel the connection between food and your soul.

The Black Sheep
367 Connecticut Street Buffalo, NY

3 - Contribute to a More Inclusive History

Unfortunately, it is all too common for women, minorities, and the poor to get "written" out of history. Wikipedia, a secondary online resource that is written by contributors like you and me, is no different. While the percentage of men and women in the world is nearly equal, 90% of Wikipedia writers are male. This has a detrimental impact on the amount, the quality, and the substance of information available to the public.

As a goal of each of our souls is to know truth, it is time to rewrite and elaborate upon the rich history of women--their struggles, accomplishments, and contributions. This will instill in the next generations greater confidence and strength to fight the struggle of injustice.

Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

Sat Jun 23rd


Queen's raised, Colombian-American, DJ, producer, musician, and peformer, Manny Crespo has soul, no doubt about it. His superpower is that his music can help awaken the soul within you! If you like hip-hop, reggae, and funk - check this guy out. Get up and vibe with the crowd. Your soul will thank you.

D -Tour Martini Bar on Chippewa opened just this past December and offers cool lighting, craft beers, lunch and dinner options and, of course, innovative martinis.


Sat Jun 23rd → Sat Aug 25th
Days: Sat

5 - Sunday Brunch at Shango

Just as New Orleans was the home of Louis Armstrong, it's a mecca for soul food. The talented Chef Jim Guarino has given us Shango Bistro and Wine Bar to satisfy our need for the cuisine of New Orleans.

Sundays are special because Shango is one of the very best brunch spots in Buffalo. You can find breakfast foods like sweet potato pancakes, french toast stuffed with brie, bananas and caramel, a slammin' breakfast burrito, and a couple of very special variations on eggs benedict.

You could also order soulful lunch fare: the best gumbo in Buffalo, red beans and rice with andouille sausage, buttermilk fried chicken, and cornbread.

3260 Main Street Buffalo, NY

6 - Free Your Soul Through Self-Healing

No one can deny that our families play an enormous role in shaping who we are today-for better or for worse. Often the lives we have experienced with the members of our families leave us "hung up," unable to grow, or prone to making the same mistakes over and over in adulthood.

A family constellation, like the one facilitated at Start with Sleep on Hertel Avenue by Karen Knab, can help you take the steps necessary to cultivate more awareness around diffficult memories and relationships with family members. Through role play and dialogue, a new way of thinking is created and with this new insight, space is created, allowing for the healing process to begin. 

In this healing, the freedom of your soul is born.

Constellation Healing Experience

Sun Jun 24th

7 - Tune Into Nature

We are so fortunate to have the beautiful Olmsted Park System in Buffalo - let's use it! 

Head over to Delaware Park at some point this weekend and practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is paying attention to the present moment in a particular way. When you walk into the park, leave your to-do list behind. Take the time to become aware of the sounds you hear around you, like the birds and the breeze. Focus your attention on the smell of the plants, air, and earth. Lay out a blanket and really look at the sky, the clouds, and the leaves of the trees, feel the sun warm you and the breeze cool you down. Pay attention to the rhythm of your own breath and simply watch as your tummy rises and falls.

Any of these activities in this natural setting will help you reevaluate what is truly important to your soul - that you are alive, that you seek the truth, and that you are happy and loved.

Delaware Park
84 Parkside Avenue Buffalo, NY
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