Ellicottville's own Holiday Valley ranked Number Three in this prestigious Skinet.com review of East Coast ski resorts by Joe Cutts:

"Holiday skiers know their terrain (750 vertical) doesn’t measure up against bigger resorts to the East. And when they give the place a No. 2 for Access, they’re talking about how close it is to Ohio, not Massachusetts. (“Great for us Clevelanders who want to get after it,” says one Tribe fan.)
 So it’s not the most eastern of resorts, but a lot of Eastern resorts would gladly take the Erie lake effect that reliably blankets the place (No. 2 ranking for Snow; 180 annual inches).

A lot of Eastern resorts should envy the Holiday lift system and family programs (both No. 2 as well). And any Eastern resort would gladly trade a few hundred vert for a ski town as 
cool as Ellicottville, which is a big part of the draw at Holiday Valley. Readers rave about it—“Nightlife
is fantastic,” “Aspen of the East,” “Ellicottville is wonderful”—praising its action-packed density of charm, shopping, dining, and, yes, partying (No. 2 for Dining, No. 2 for Lodging, No. 3 for Après). Short runs and overcrowding aside, folks here are happy with what they’ve got. “Great management. They do the most with the least, and the future is always bright.”