I feel old enough already, thank you very much.

But 14 Facts That Will Make Everybody From Buffalo Feel Old on weheartbuffalo is so much fun, it's worth admitting to a few grey hairs. 

1. You haven’t been to a game at Memorial Auditorium in 20 years. The last game was played there in 1996.

2. Nobody has worked at Bethlehem Steel in nearly 30 years. Most employees had been let go by 1983, or 33 years ago.

Are you feeling old yet? I am. But there area dozen more to go.

3. No passenger train has stopped at Buffalo Central Terminal in almost 40 years. The last train left the station on October 28, 1979.

4. You haven’t seen the Buffalo Bills in a playoff game since the last century, 17 years ago in 1999.

And the beat goes on. My favorite? 

12. You haven’t gotten your news, sports and weather from Irv Weinstein, Rick Azar, and Tom Jolls in 27 years. Azar retired from Eyewitness News in 1989.

Yet all three of these gentlemen are still around. I had the distinct pleasure of publishing Rick Azar's memoir, Tales From Azar's Attic. Fabulous stories -- that will also either make you feel old or extremely nostalgic. I vote for the latter.