I'm not sure about the company Buffalo is keeping in this Buzzfeed listicle.

Sponge candy certainly deserves a place of honor on a list of 24 Awesome Regional Snacks That Everybody Should Try Once, but how about Spam sushi? Apparently this delicacy is sold at 7-Eleven in Hawaii. Eww.

Julie Gerstein and Javier Moreno, both BuzzFeed staff, amassed this list that slides sponge candy in between No. 13 Palmetto Cheese pimento cheese (served in the Northeast, South, and Midwest?) and No. 15 Bauder Peppermint Bar found in Des Moines, Iowa (this actually sounds quite good!)

They define sponge candy as" "A mix of caramelized sugar and molasses flavors, coated in chocolate." A bit out of date, kids. Peanutbutter sponge candy is my new favorite.

The list also includes Moon Pies and POG, a passion fruit, orange, and guava juice which "basically tastes like Hawaii." Hawaii just redeemed itself.

Perhaps we can organize a trade. Just not for Buc-Ees Beaver Nuggets. Forget about it, Texas.