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The LaStella bleach factory on Myrtle Avenue sat vacant with the roof falling in for 40 years.  John Domres and his passion for beer, hard work, and Buffalo pride came along and pumped new life into this historic building. Buffalo Brewing Company opened in the old bleach factory in 2016 as a small 5 barrel brewery. After only 2 years, plans are in the works for an expansion to accommodate a rapidly expanding keg market. 
Stop by for a beer in the cozy taproom and you will be inches away from the very spot your beer was made.  On a beautiful afternoon, take advantage of the spacious outdoor patio. Don't be fooled by the small footprint of Buffalo Brewing as this little place cranks out some top quality beer.  
Buffalo Brewing Company makes a wide range of beers, from ales like Porter and IPA to lagers like Pilsner and Bock. Their extensive tap list really sets them apart from other breweries as it includes many lager-style brews. John is passionate about sourcing the highest quality ingredients he can find for his beer. This insistence on the best really pays off in the glass.   


For the love of local

Good neighbors, great beer! A slogan to live by at Buffalo Brewing. John is a true advocate for the local movement. He chose to build his now thriving business in a dilapidated factory in the "Near East Side" neighborhood of Buffalo. He sculpted a business that makes beer for friends, family, and neighbors. John is also working on sourcing 100% local ingredients for a truly local brew. Stay tuned for that beer to be released in the future!
As a local history buff, John names all of his beers after important dates from Buffalo's past. 
Here are some examples from their current tap list:
  • 1813 Porter- The the year the British burned the city of Buffalo in the War of 1812.
  • 1910 Czech Pilsner- The year Buffalo Brewing Company opened at 1571 Clinton Street.
  • 1842 Vienna Lager- The year the Dart grain elevator was invented and built.
  • 1901 IPA- The year the Pan-American exposition took place in Buffalo.
John is a beer tourist and in his own travels enjoys tasting what other locales have to offer.  Once you step foot in his brewery you can feel this deep love and appreciation for quality beer. While many craft breweries are focused on growth and expansion, John will continue to brew great beer for his Buffalo neighbors. 

The Five

Our goal is to provide both interesting and consistent content. In that light, we have chosen 5 questions to ask each of the artisans we visit.

John Domres- head brewer/owner edition Aug 9, 2018

1. How and why did you get started in this industry? 

John received a home-brew kit as a gift from a friend in 2006. His passion for craft beer has been growing ever since.

2. Do you have a favorite pairing, food or otherwise, with your creations?

Beef on weck with 1910 Czech Pilsner, Wise Guys pizza with 1901 IPA, and Pasta with marinara with 1813 Porter.

3. What was the craziest thing you have made and what was the result?

1976 Grodziskie- Polish-style smoked wheat, similar flavor to a smoked sausage. He made this beer for Dyngus Day and it has been a hit with customers ever since. John suggests cooking with this beer to add a little smokey flavor to your dish. 

4. Do you have a product you wish resonated more with your customers?

1813 Porter- People often think dark beers are heavy and are not enjoyable during the summer months. Not true! The 1819 Porter can be enjoyed all year. John also recommends warming your glass before pouring to open up all the flavors of the beer.

5. Other than your own, what are some of your favorite craft beverages?

Blackbird Cider Works Lakeside Loganberry and craft cider in general, Lockhouse distillery, and Buffalo Distilling Company.

At Buffalo Brewing Company, neighborhood beer is brewed for the neighborhood!

Did You Know?

Lagers can be more difficult and time-consuming to make than ales. They take at least twice as long to ferment and must be kept at a colder temperature. This results in a cleaner, crisper, and sweeter beer!

Buffalo Brewing Company

Buffalo Brewing Company
314 Myrtle Avenue Buffalo, NY

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