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If you are in or near despair about the state of our country with The Donald in the White House daily tweeting venom to the masses and threatening the very foundations of our democracy, take heart. Todd Warfield has “redacted and directed” a scenario in which a facsimile of Himself comes to realize the error of his ways in A Very, Very Trumpy Christmas Carol now at Alleyway Theatre’s Main Street Cabaret.

Not to be confused with A Christmas Carol on the main stage, this hour-long production is about Ebensneezer J Trumpy, played to the hilt by Guy Tomassi, with Hellary Clinton (Stephanie Bax) in chains and a green pantsuit as the Marley-like ghost who comes to show him the error of his ways. Ms. Bax also graces the stage as Sara Suckabe e-Sanders, who will explode if she must tell another untruth in front of the press corps, and that lovely immigrant Iwana Trumpy. Adding to the madness are Timothy Patrick Finnegan as Flimsy Graham, Steve Bananarama and Rachel Maddog, along with A. Peter Snodgrass as Mike Dence, Michael Hohen, Steve Acosted and Cluck Todd.

The cast of four do their very best to be as outrageous as possible, Mr. Finnegan in a quietly outrageous manner, while others are much louder in their comic lunacy. And then there is the silent Ghost of Christmas Future, which has to be unique in the world.

Wigs are used to great effect to identify characters. Mr. Finnegan looks particularly fetching in a black fright wig as Ms. Maddog, although his Flimsy Graham blond number is no slouch, either. Honorable mention goes to Ms. Box in her Hellary and Iwana Trumpy concoctions, as does Mr. Snodgrass’s white Dense wig.  Need I even mention the orange you-know-what? I don't think so.

Video images projected onto what looks like a king-size sheet are used to add color to the proceedings, including shots of DT in his various angry stances, tweets real and imagined on screen, a Pinocchio-like figure, and actual footage of the KKK in all its terrorist, nightmare horror.

This is broad political satire that is clever and at times hilarious. It is a goofy lark and just the ticket for those exhausted by the relentless stream of news of corruption and cruelty pouring out of the nation’s capital every day. It is a reminder that where there is life and laughter, there is hope. And they serve wine.

You can see A Very, Very Trumpy Christmas Carol  at Alleyway Theatre’s Main Street Cabaret through December 23rd.


A Very, Very Trumpy Christmas Carol

Fri Dec 7th → Sun Dec 23rd
Days: Sun, Fri, Sat
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