Everyday Tourist bloggers Brenda and Richard White call Calgary home. But the pair of freelance writers likes to roam, and they use their blog to "discuss everyday tourist opportunities, ideas and issues from various perspectives, focusing mostly on urban spaces, places and experiences."

Postcards from "Buffalo The Bold" is the result of a three-day visit to the Queen City.

"We loved it - especially the history, the architecture, the food, the beer, the art and the renaissance.  There is a unique urbanity to Buffalo that makes it true to itself and not trying to be like everyone else. There is an compelling contrast between the modest working class homes and the majestic mansions, between the brutalist architecture of cement grain elevators and the art deco design of their City Hall. There is subtle boldness to Buffalo’s early 21st century renaissance that is beginning to match the City’s heyday a century ago."

The eighteen "postcards" they send to friends in Postcards from "Buffalo The Bold" feature not only the obligatory shots of the Richardson Olmsted Complex and the rinks at Canalside, but also the delightful Gothic City yard full of bathtubs and the Elmwood Laundry, clotheslines and all.

A quick, quirky look at Buffalo by new friends from across the border (and then a bit west). In the comments section they promise more fun from their stay in Buffalo. Stay tuned.

Thank you Brenda and Richard. We're so glad you enjoyed your stay here and found fun facets of Buffalo to reveal. Let us know when you plan to return. We'd love to meet you and show you some more secret gems in the City of Good neighbors.