Buffalo, NY has come alive within the last few years. The City’s new energy is a perfect blend of the lifelong Buffalonians’ and long time residents,’ as well as that of the new transplants that have recently relocated to Buffalo from all over the country and even the world to be part of this resurgence. The art and music scene has played a role in the growth and renewal in the City of Buffalo. Haute La Vie, a content distribution firm, has partnered with BuffaloVibe, North American Breweries & Labatt Blue for “VibeFest 2015”. 

Anti-Venue Tour is an original tour/marketing campaign for artists and musicians presented by Haute La Vie. This tour will showcase creative talents including both musicians and artists. It will feature musical guests playing original music at unconventional venues (ie warehouses, art galleries, house parties) around the world to create a personal relationship between the music that define our community and bring equality to the world through creative output.

Anti-Venue Tour will feature music from artists that represent Buffalo, NY and is the first of many ongoing projects which will be featured in a web docu­series with the goal to celebrate art & music and the communities that support the creative spirit, while giving these artists a platform to showcase their work and expand their market. This exhibition will also serve as a promotional vehicle for “The Buffalo Reunion Weekend,” a weekend dedicated to raising awareness to the growth and the renewal of the City of Buffalo and its diverse communities, taking place the weekend of July 16­-19th at Buffalo Riverworks and other venues around the city.