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Have you ever dreamed of writing a book? It's not as easy as you might think. Getting it published and in the hands of readers is harder yet. This Saturday, at the inaugural Indie Author Day, be inspired by 40 local, published authors at the Downtown Library, from 10:00 to 3:00pm. 

I am proud to report that fully one quarter of the 40 authors at Indie Author Day are Buffalo Heritage Press authors. And I get to speak about the publishing process -- from concept to the hands of readers -- at 1:00pm. 

My first book was published in 1978 by UNESCO. I published my first book in 1984, when I started my first publishing company. I came back to Buffalo in 2006, when Canisius College Press was about to shut down. Joe Bieron and I took it off campus and renamed it Buffalo Heritage Press. Ten years later, I am still publishing beautiful books about Buffalo. 

But I started out as a librarian. My first job was as a page in the Delevan Branch Library in the 1960s. I worked my way through UB in Lockwood Library, with the gift of a work study assignment to the Poetry Room. Upon graduation, I took my masters in Library and Information Science to Bogota, Colombia, where I was the director of a university library.

Indie Author Day celebrates writing as an art form, and libraries as centers for community engagement. Can you see why I am so excited about this new celebration? This is my 'hood!

Hundreds of libraries and thousands of authors across the nation will participate in the inaugural Indie Author Day this Saturday. I am thrilled that Ann Conable at our spectacular Buffalo & Erie County Public Library has picked up the reins and is running with this new celebration. It's a great opportunity for libraries and authors to connect, network, discover new friendships and form business partnerships. 

There will be a national, online discussion at 2:00pm.

love books for all the reasons we can think and more, so much so that they’ve chosen to make careers out of them, just like you.

The Bard is on display - two 1600s folios are now side-by-side, Be sure to stop and see them - [is the Books that Changed the World exhibit still up??] Our library system and its treasure trove in the Rare Books Room, the Grovesnors Collection and in the stacks stands alongside the architectural gold mine, the theatrical motherlode and other Buffalo treasures... This support for local authors is extremely important.

It's official. Local authors now have their very own day in the sun. The ianaugural Indie Author Day is Saturday, October 8, and Buffalo is at the forefront.

Indie Author Day 2016

Sat Oct 8th
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Marti Gorman

Writer, publisher, founder of Citybration and proud Buffalo ambassador
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